Portico’s Diversity Pledge

Travel is about exploration. It’s about exploring different cultures, understanding them and respecting them. It’s about honoring and celebrating diversity. As part of that we aim to connect with people on an equal level, heart to heart, hand to hand.

While we created Portico to help travelers more easily organize their ideas and trips, and share with others, our vision is to have a community of curious travelers. As we build that and promote both content and voices, we want to ensure that we are openly inclusive and proactively anti-racist.

As encouraged by the Black Travel Alliance, we’ve taken a look at where we stand and where we want to go. While we are a young, small company, that is no excuse. We want to consciously weave inclusion into the fibers of our company.


Our commitment:

Team – We have 4 full-time employees (3 women, 1 Asian). We commit to increasing Black representation as we expand our team.

Social media – As our presence grows on social media, we have more ability to amplify Black voices. So far 8% of our reposts / story features have been Black travelers. We recognize this is not enough and commit to promoting more Black voices.

Speaking up in the travel industry – wherever we can, we will speak up to support Black voices.

New Initiatives – as we discuss new ideas, whether advertising, conferences or something else, we will discuss how to ensure that we’re inclusive.


Real change takes time. We’re in this for the long-run. We welcome suggestions on these initiatives and for creators and voices in the travel industry that we should know. Please reach out to us at hello@portico.travel or on Instagram @porticotravel.


In solidarity,

The Portico Team | Jacqueline, See, Julian, & Cassandra