Om Kakani Namaha

A note from our founder

Each morning, I start my day with meditation. Right now, I’m using the mantra Om Kakani Namaha, which means “I activate my love”. Given COVID-19 and the deep fear and anxiety surrounding it, I find it ever more important to meditate to keep my own calm. During the rest of the day, I think about ways to express love and kindness to others. We can no longer shake hands, but we can still smile and talk and connect to one another from a distance.

Human connection is important. Video calls with groups of friends, whether for “wine o’clock” or coffee, are helping me fight cabin fever. And I’ve realized it’s a great opportunity to check-in and reconnect with many old friends.

I find myself inspired by the resiliency of humanity in creative posts on paddle ball between windows, exercise on a rooftop, singing out of windows, plus all the yoga and workout classes now available online. It’s a crazy, unsettling time and I hope you can find moments of peace and calm to help center you as you go through it.

While travel is impractical now, this setback is only temporary! So if you start to go a little stir crazy, open up Portico and dream. Spend 30 minutes saving ideas for that trip on your bucket list. It’ll help the world feel bigger again as you think about your future adventures.


Cool New Features in Portico

Add to Trip From MapAdd ideas directly from the map

On any map on Portico, if you see something interesting, click on it and a pop-up will appear. Click Add to Trip and we’ll save the idea for you. Try it out and let us know what you think.

NotificationsNotifications on trip invites

Involve your friends! If they’re traveling with you, have them add their suggestions and favorite ❤️ must-do ideas. And for that forgetful friend who never can find their email, now we have notifications in Portico! Just click on the bell notification while in Portico and they can accept your invitation there.

Story UpdateNew & Improved “My Story”

You always plan to write down your notes on your last trip…but you never find time. That time is now! Create a Portico story to remember the best parts – for when you go next time or to share your tips with friends. It’s customizable to fit your style.


One Last Note…

When this pandemic subsides and life starts to return to normal, the WORLD will need you! Travel is what will help the GLOBAL economy recover. Visiting your favorite local small businesses wherever you live is important, but it’s also important to get back on the road. For countries like the Maldives, almost 40% of their GDP is from tourism. They and many others will need you too.

As for now, let’s take it one day at a time.

Jacqueline Hampton, Founder