The Most LA Dishes You Must Try

by secret-food-tours


LA is famous for its world-class food—there are no lazy taste buds here!

Like New York, LA is a melting pot. From the gold rush and the building of the South Pacific Railways to the oil exploitation, many different ethnic groups arrived in the LA area throughout the years and continue to call the city home. This is evident throughout the city, but especially present in the food scene. Here are some of our favorite tasty treats that are as famous as LA’s movie stars.

Photo courtesy of Tacos y Birria La Unica.


Picking a taco joint is probably the toughest choice in the city, considering the insane amount of tacos spots we have. Most places are excellent, although some are mediocre, so here are two that we know are always quality to get you going.

Tacos Y Birria La Unica
Located on Olympic Boulevard, Tacos y Birria La Única has a fantastic selection of tacos and homemade salsas that are to die for. Our favorites are the Questacos (cheese tacos), or for an adventure, try the Birria de Chivo (spiced stewed goat).

Leo's Tacos Truck (La Brea)
Leo’s Taco Truck can be found in the parking lot of a gas station at La Brea and Venice Boulevard. The rotating spit is the main attraction and will remind you of kebab. Al Pastor is the taco everyone orders (and it’s great), but we are adventurous foodies and therefore love the wonderfully spiced El Buche (Pork Stomach).

Korean food
Photo courtesy of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.


Whenever visiting L.A., you undoubtedly will end up in Koreatown at some point. It’s a fantastic area—especially when it comes to late-night dining (leaving you more time to wander around town and enjoy the beaches during the daylight hours).

Park's Barbeque
When it comes to the top Korean BBQ places, we recommend Park’s BBQ for the highest quality meat and best flavor. It's a little more expensive than the others, but worth it.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
For a late night meal, Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong is a great place—they even prepare their own Kimchi (spicy Korean pickled cabbage).

MDK (Myung Dong Kyoja) 명동교자
Last but not least, for some refreshing cold soup, MDK (Myung Dong Kyoja) is where you should go. We would recommend you order the Spicy Kimchi cold soup and their handmade dumplings on the side.

Photo courtesy of California Roll Factory.


Some things are too good to miss, and you cannot leave LA without trying a California Maki or—for that matter—sushi in general.

California Roll Factory
The California Roll Factory is the place to be if you love sushi rolls. Their extensive menu has over 80 different kinds of rolls (including deep fried rolls) that will satisfy even the most adventurous customer. If you’ve never tried eel before, get a Cucumber Sea Eel roll; their Aburi Salmon (fatty salmon) is also fantastic. A piece of advice: unless you are a hardcore spicy eater or a fireman don’t try the “911 Roll”—really, don’t—we still have painful memories.

L.A. Sampler
Photo by Hyosun Rosy Ko from Unsplash.

L.A. Sampler

Do you have those pesky hunger pangs but aren’t sure what you want? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. At 32,000 square feet and with over a century of history, the Grand Central Market is the best place to sample the L.A. food scene. There are simply too many options to list here, but let’s give you a few of the best spots...

Grand Central Market
Indulge in the fantastic pastrami from Wexler's Deli , filipino BBQ rice bowls from Sari Sari Store , a delicious burger from Belcampo (Grand Central Market) , an egg sandwich at Eggslut and—for your sweet tooth — PBJ.LA will bring childhood memories back with their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Sweet treats
Photo courtesy of Sprinkles.

A Sweet Note to Finish

After all these scrumptious dishes, you may want something uniquely L.A. to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sprinkles Beverly Hills

Sprinkles offers ice cream, cupcakes, layer cakes, cookies, and brownies—all fresh baked daily. They also offer gluten free, vegan, and sugar-free options. Don’t miss their most popular cupcake: red velvet. They have multiple locations and even have a cupcake ATM: Sprinkles Westfield Century City ATM !

Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese is an L.A. institution. First opening its doors in 1983, this sweet spot serves high quality cookies, brownies, and ice cream. Build your own custom-made ice cream sandwich: choose from ten different types of freshly baked cookies and twelve flavors of ice cream.

We hope you enjoy your foodie adventure throughout L.A. If you want to check out all the best places in one fell swoop, try one of our popular Secret Food Tours in Venice Beach or Downtown. We can’t wait to show you around!