About Us

We’re curious travelers, always wandering around the next corner to see what’s there. We seek genuine experiences and look to both locals and travel experts to get under the skin of a culture. But we all struggle with the volume of content and juggling emails, notes, docs and more. So we created Portico. Portico is your travel buddy that keeps everything you (and your friends) need for a trip, in one place. We help you turn your aspirational adventures into real experiences.

Jacqueline Hampton

Jacqueline Hampton

Founder & CEO

I’m always up for a trip anywhere, whether it’s a place I’ve been many times or a new adventure. I enjoy tucking down side streets to see real life, and one of my favorite ways to experience a place is through its food. The more I travel, the more I value both the similarities and differences in people around the world. Portico helps me keep track of my travel ideas so I won’t forget where I want to go and where I’ve been!

Top Bucket List Trips:

Portugal, South Africa, Peru
Julian North

Julian North


I have a love for travel to places unusual, sparsely visited and wild. Some of my highlights include spending weeks hiking in the New England wilderness, diving on remote islands, overlanding in Africa and rock climbing in the Mediterranean. Seeking out new adventures comes with a number of challenges that Portico helps me organise. I especially appreciate the collaboration features that make it so much easier to plan adventures with my friends and family.

Top Bucket List Trips:

Greenland, Baffin Island, Peru, Ghana, Japan

See Lee

Head of Product

I love traveling to experience something unique, to learn something new, and to connect with new and old friends. You’ll find me whitewater rafting through the Costa Rican rainforest, dancing in front of the only convenience store in a Cuban fishing village, and savoring the life-changing grilled chicken in a Lisbon cafe. Trips are more fun with friends and Portico makes it so much easier to plan them together.

Top Bucket List Trips:

Machu Picchu, South Korea, Japan, Galapagos Islands

Cassandra Villegas

Lead Designer

I love traveling, whether that’s going halfway across the globe to Japan, or driving a few hours to Portland, Maine. When planning trips, I like to include a mix of museums, architecture, nature spots, and local restaurants. My favorite part of traveling is learning about the local culture through meeting new people. Portico is the perfect place for me to create detailed trip plans for vacations, as well as save ideas for closer to home restaurants and hiking trails!

Top Bucket List Trips:

Slovakia, South Korea, Yellowstone National Park

Arestia Rosenberg

Content Director

I fell in love with travel at 17 when I lived in Spain for the summer and I realized seeing the world would become a life long passion. I traveled full time for two years while working and have been to almost 50 countries. Youll catch me on a surf trip, eating the local grub, museuming, and just walking around. I like to only half plan my trips to leave space for the unexpected, which makes Portico the perfect tool for me!

Top Bucket List Trips:

African safari, Everest basecamp, New Zealand road trip
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Our Advisors

Adam Medros

President & COO of EdX,

Former SVP Product at TripAdvisor

Jay Meyer

SVP & Publisher at Travel + Leisure

Paul Bennett

Founder of Context Travel

Lesley Seymour

Founder of Covey Club,

Former Editor-in-Chief of More & Marie Claire

Steven Lee

Co-Founder of Ianacare,

CTO of Tremor Video