Hurricane Katrina Memorial

Discovered by Jacqueline




At the end of Canal Street is the Katrina Memorial Wall and Cemetery. Open to the public from 8am-4pm with no admission fee, The Memorial is a semi-circle of six stone mausoleums that contain the bodies of 86 people who were either unidentified or unclaimed by family members following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is a place for quiet reflection where the unknown victims were cared for with dignity. Each coffin is marked with a serial number should a loved one ever come seeking to bring them home to a family plot. Authorities have recorded where each was found along with a DNA sample for future identification purposes. Often you will see stuffed animals or flowers left by the mausoleums by visitors. To get there, ride the streetcar to the end of Canal and plan to stay awhile--there is a cluster of a few other unique cemeteries adjacent to the Katrina Memorial. The whole area is referred to as the End of Canal Cemeteries with 22727, 25542, 22728, 25543, 25544, 25545, two Masonic Cemeteries, and 22729, as well as the 25547 and the 25550. The Canal Streetcar has its end of the line stop on the neutral ground at the point of all of these cemeteries.
Address: 5056 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA
Hours: Closed