Winter Travel Checklist

Winter Travel Checklist

What to bring when baby it’s cold outside

There’s nothing worse than being underprepared when the temperatures drop. But with ski season approaching and Europe’s Christmas markets about to pop up, there’s no need to fear a little chill when it comes to enjoying winter travel. Just take a look at our handy Winter Travel Checklist to make sure you’ve got a few extra essentials.


  • Down Jacket 🧥

    An essential for the slopes, to cozy up under for flights, or walking around the city. Down jackets are very stylish these days so they can take you anywhere. We like the Uniqlo Down Jacket because it’s not expensive and comes in a handy pouch. Take it on every trip to double as a nice lumbar pillow for flights.


  • Warm socks 🧦

    You’ll want to invest in some seriously warm socks to keep your feet happy and toasted. Wool is the way to go as they keep you warmer and dry faster than cotton. Smart Wool was created by skiers for cool weather adventures. It’s a great option because it’s also not too bulky. We also love Icebreaker for similar reasons.


  • Two pairs of comfortable boots 🥾

    Boots are essential in cold weather, but a pro tip is to bring two. Not only do you want to be ready if one pair gets soaked in inclement weather, but your feet will thank you. Switching up your boots day-to-day makes for fewer blisters and happier feet.


  • Hand warmers 🧤

    If it’s particularly cold, these will come in handy. Not only can you shove them in your pockets for a little toastiness, but also in your socks when temperatures are below freezing. For eco-friendly, rechargeable hand warmers we love this one from Ocoopa. It fits in the palm of your hand, has 3 settings and you can turn it off if you get too hot!


  • Hat with flaps 👲

    Or one that covers your ears.


  • Scarf 🧣

    Or three. If you live in a warm climate, you might think these are for fashion. They are not. A scarf makes a huge difference.


  • Long underwear 👖

    You’ll thank yourself for this extra layer of coziness. We’re big fans of Uniqlo Heat Tech (for daily use) and Hot Chillys (especially for skiing ⛷).


  • Sweaters 👕

    Wherever you can. Replace those shirts or blouses you were going to pack with occasion appropriate knits. Layer them on top of t-shirts and you can even wear them twice 😉


  • Chapstick and lotion 💄

    You might bring these anyway wherever you travel, but it was worth us mentioning in case you don’t for that dry, cold weather. Our favorite (and our dermatologist’s favorite) for chapped winter hands is Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, which you can buy in a handy travel size too. For chapstick, our dermatologist also loves Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.


  • Sunglasses and sunscreen 😎

    Really? Yes! Snow glare is very bright, so pack some shades (bonus points for polarized glasses) and you’ll want a small sunscreen if you plan to go skiing.


  • Umbrella ☂



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